A6: Diagnosis of coherence and conectivity.


Just as  European  recognises the role of river courses such as wetlands as points of link between populations of species of community interest, so does state legislation.

Acting in conformity with these legal boundaries, it is essential to have a diagnosis on the Coherence and Connectivity of the Natura 2000 Network in Castilla y León. This is measured in terms of inter and intra connectivity with ZEC and SPAs.



This action has sought to understand and explain the degree of fragmentation of habitats of community interest, both for those included in a single Natura Network space and especially for the set of all these areas.

  • Diagnosing of the state of conservation of the elements of the landscape and territorial areas linked to aquatic environments considered as key in guaranteeing and promoting connectivity in the Natura 2000 Network (Wetlands Cataloged at regional level, River Reserves that are outside the Natura 2000 Network in the field of the Mediterranean biogeographic region and cryptohumedales of interest for presenting habitats and species of community interest).
  • Characterising and evaluate the state  and functionality of the riversides and wetlands as ecological corridors. Identify critical areas where the functionality of the connections is compromised by  infrastructure network, urban planning and other current or future actions that may act as barriers.
  • To propose the inclusion of wetlands of high natural value outside the Natura 2000 Network in the National Catalog of Wetlands, with a relevant role in regional connectivity.



This work has already been accomplished.

The works were aimed at  improving and updating the values of the connectivity indexes and incorporating others such as the vertical connection (river-aquifer) and an inter-connectivity index RN 2000, which analyses the role of fluvial axes (channels and plains affected by floods) as components of connection.

For the development of this action the Duero Hydrographic Confederation has contracted the following works:


The information yielded from the execution of this action will be fundamental for the evaluation and mandatory revision of the instruments already approved for planning, management and monitoring of the Protected Areas Natura 2000 Network in Castilla y León.