A7.- Diagnosis of strains and threats on habitats, species of interest in the comunity and ecological processes in SCI / SPAs Fluvial and Mediterranean Wetlands in Castilla y León.


Preparation of a detailed diagnosis of the stress  and threats on the creatures and habitats that take place in the LIFE + project, in order to identify, quantify and analyse the  activities or utilities that generate these  conservation problems on the natural habitat values for which these areas were created, as well as the ecological processes associated with them.

This work is fundamental for the creation of  regulations and guidelines that create a framework of working method  within these activities and/ or processes or through the implementation of active management and environmental restoration actions aimed at preventing, correcting or eliminating their harmful effects.

This diagnosis also makes  possible the  identification of those uses and activities that have a positive and basic role in maintaining a favorable state of conservation of habitats in the community under our interest and of the habitats of the species for which these areas were declared.

 This will be a  key factor to propose administrative, contractual or regulatory measures, as well as active management that recognise their value to ensure they resist  over time in a sustainable way in economical terms, as well as  social and environmental.



  • To identify and diagnose the pressures and threats in ZEC / SPAs Fluvial and Wetlands of the Mediterranean biogeographic region of Castilla y León.
  • From this work  may conclude  a formal proposal for  updating of the Natura 2000 Standardised Data Forms of the ZEC and SPAs included in the Project.



This action is considered to have been completed  with the delivery in August of 2017 of the documents corresponding to PHASE II and last.

This action consists in carrying out a diagnosis of stresses  and threats at the level of each of the Natura Network areas included in the ambit  of this project. In that respect, the activities that currently have a real influence on the natural environment and the species under interest are analysed and quantified, but also the possible conditions that may influence on them  in the coming years, based on the existing or new activities carried out  in the area. They have been highlighted by the previous work carried out in actions A3, A4, A5 and A6.

In the following links it is possible to download the report of the work as well as its annexes (Annex1_Tabla impacts Basic plans VS PYA_UE // Annex2_1_PyA_Planes_Basicos_Espacios // Anexo2_2_PyA_Planes_Basicos_Habitats // Anexo2_3_PyA_Basic Species Plan) and the maps that make up the work.

The information arising from the diagnosis of pressures and threats, will be fundamental for the updating and mandatory review of the instruments already approved for planning, management and monitoring of the Protected Areas Natura 2000 Network in Castilla y León.