E3.- Layman File

The Layman report is drawn up at the end of the project as a way to present in a clear and simple way the main contents of the project, its actions, objectives, as well as the results obtained from it.

Given that one of the main objectives of this report is the dissemination of the results of the project seeking the widest possible dissemination of everything that the Natura 2000 has implied regarding compatibility of conservation and development, it will be sought in the elaboration, editing and dissemination of this report, adjusting as rationally as possible to the principles of sustainability by directing a specific dissemination for different groups of target audiences, presenting it at regional, national and international events related to the management and monitoring of habitats and species , as well as in the wider dissemination of knowledge of the Natura 2000.

In this same aspect of sustainability, at the time of publication of this report, a reduced edition on paper is proposed (only 200 copies), giving prominence to its dissemination in electronic format, either through direct email or through the web.